Board of Forensic Document Examiners
Applicants are required to use the forms provided by the Board of Forensic Document Examiners. A non-refundable application fee of $100 (US) must accompany the application. Applications must be filed by June first of the year in which the applicant wishes to test. Information provided is subject to verification. For the current testing fee inquire at
The certification process is confidential. Applications are processed by the test administration committee. Test evaluation is conducted by an outside agency. The Board is notified when a candidate has passed the examinations.

After an applicant has successfully completed the application process, he/she must take the written and performance tests no later than the second annual test offering. Failure to do so will require updating the application. Testing is offered annually in the Fall. As an alternative, the test administrator (ORA) can arrange for testing through a university test proctoring center local to the applicant.

Should the prerequisites change after an individual has submitted an application but while the application is still being processed, the applicant will be permitted to complete processing under the conditions existing at the time the application was received, provided the applicant completes the application process and takes the tests at the next available testing date. Applicants who do not test at the next available date will be required to fulfill any amended prerequisites before being permitted to take the tests, and must pay any increase in the testing fee. Applicants who choose not to fulfill the new requirements or are unable to do so, may elect to withdraw their application and receive a refund of the examination fee.

Should the components of the testing program change during an individual's application process or after the application process is completed, the applicant will be given the option of testing under the new requirements or of receiving a complete refund, including the non-refundable fee.

A study guide is provided to each applicant upon submission of the application.