Board of Forensic Document Examiners

The BFDE believes strongly in the rights of individuals and provides every opportunity for due process, beginning with the application, throughout the testing and receritifcation processes, and in the event of a grievance filed against a certificate holder. Individuals who submit applications that contain deficiencies are given every opportunity to discuss the deficiencies with the Administrator and have thirty days to correct them. If necessary, this time can be extended for an additional ninety days. The Administrator will work with applicants in every legitimate way to assist in the successful completion of the application process.

An applicant failing the test has the right to discuss the test with a representative of the agency administering the test and/or with the Board. If the applicant desires to review the test in person, he/she can schedule an appointment with the test administering agency and review the material in the agency's office.
Applicants have the right to challenge the reference for a test answer. The Board will review the documentation submitted and may consult with individuals who are not on the Board, without disclosing the name of the appellant. The Board will render its decision within sixty days of receipt of the appeal. If the Board finds in favor of the appellant, he/she will be given credit for the answer.
The BFDE requires adherence to a strict
Code of Ethics and Code of Professional Responsibility . If a grievance is filed against a certificate holder, the complaint will be processed by the Ethics and Grievance Council and an impartial investigation of the allegations will be conducted. If it is deemed that a violation may have occurred, the Council will present its findings to the Executive Board. The certificate holder will be afforded due process. The Board and the certificate holder have the right to request a professional tribunal, including the right to have council present and to call witnesses. The process is conducted in a timely manner.
Sanctions imposed by the Board may include a private letter of reprimand delivered to the certificate holder, a public letter of reprimand a copy of which shall be placed in the individual's file and subject to disclosure upon proper inquiry, a fine, remediation and/or counseling, limited suspension of a certificate, and revocation of certification. The BFDE Code of Ethics and the Code of Professional Responsibility constitute the Board's statement of policy regarding ethics and business practices. A certificate will automatically be revoked if a certificate holder has been found to intentionally provide false information on the application in connection with any part of the board certification program, intentionally provide false information on a curriculum vitae, falsely state information under oath in a legal proceeding or on an affidavit/declaration, or upon conviction of a felony.