Board of Forensic Document Examiners
Any complaint concerning a certificate holder violating the BFDE Code of Ethics or Code of Professional Conduct must be submitted in writing and include the name, address and telephone number of the complainant. The letter should clearly state what section of the Code was violated and provide supporting data.

The Chairman of the Ethics and Grievance Council will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within fifteen days by certified mail. The Chairman will also notify the certificate holder of the charges against him/her.

The Ethics and Grievance Council will conduct an inquiry into the merits of the complaint. If after a diligent investigation the complaint is found to lack merit, the complaint will be dismissed and notice of such furnished to the certificate holder and to the party initiating the complaint. If it is deemed that a violation may have occurred, the Ethics and Grievance Council shall present its findings to the members of the Board. The Board shall have the power to impose sanctions on an individual and/or determine whether the accusations warrant a professional tribunal. The respondent may also request a formal tribunal. Due process is always the main consideration.

Sanctions imposed by the Board may include: a private letter of reprimand delivered to the certificate holder, a public letter of reprimand a copy of which shall be placed in the individual’s file and be subject to disclosure upon proper inquiry, a fine, remediation and/or counseling, limited suspension of a certificate, and revocation of certification or any other title awarded.

To file a grievance contact . You will receive contact information for the current Chairman of the Ethics and Grievance Council .