Board of Forensic Document Examiners
Certification Renewal
Certification is granted for a five-year period. Every fifth year the individual must renew his/her certification through participation in the Certification Renewal Program.

Continuing education credits are given for the following activities: attendance at professional conferences, seminars, workshops, in-service training, and completing courses offered by institutions in allied professions.

Professional contributions are given for donating time for the good of the profession. Activities include such things as: serving as an officer in a professional association, chairing a symposium, participating on committees, working on a professional journal, publishing in a peer reviewed journal, presenting research or technical papers at conferences.

Proficiency testing is required twice within the five year period, through an approved provider.

Quality Assurance is practiced by monitoring whether a certificate holder testifies in opposition to other examiners holding certification by an FSAB accredited board. If such occurrences exceed five within a recertification period, the board appoints a review committee to examine several of the cases. The names of the certificate holder and opposition expert are not provided to the committee. The board recognizes that there can be disagreement among experts, but among competently trained experts disagreements should be few and far between.

The program also requires that the certificate holder be currently employed in the profession and that he or she re-affirm adherence to the BFDE Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility. An individual who does not comply with this program shall not have his/her certificate renewed.